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You need advice. We get it. With our SEO Analysis Tool, you get full reports of how well your site is optimized... or not! We are more than willing to offer advice and our expertise. We are here to help you make more money.

The Ultimate SEO Analysis and SEM Advice


An SEO Audit of Your Site Structure

You will get a detailed report on all possible SEO issues and ensure that your site is search engine-friendly when you use our SkyBox SEM/SEO Tools to analyze your site structure. 

SEO Analysis of Site Pages

You can now make sure your site pages for Panda violations and other search engine optimization issues are done correctly. If not, you will receive advice on how to fix them.

Keyword-Focused Landing Page Optimization

You can make sure your site is Hummingbird-friendly: run a keyword-specific search engine optimization analysis for everylanding page and analyze all SEO-sensitive areas of each page to see how well each page is optimized.

What You Get with the SEO Analysis Tool

Site Structure Audit

You can audit your site to make certain the site structure is search engine-friendly, site URLs have the proper characters, the Robots.txt file and XML sitemap are in place, and a whole lot more.

Start with a sound foundation.

Overall SEO Analysis

Run a general search engine optimization audit to ensure your site has the correct format to avoid SEO issues, such as duplicate content, excessive number of H1 headings, and more.

A clean site is a happy site!

Mobile Optimization

You can detect issues that may influence your landing page rankings in mobile search and will get recommendations on how to fix them. Using this report will get your site mobilized for the end user's device.

Think mobile-friendly.

Easy-to-Follow Optimization Advice

Hover your mouse over a question mark next to an SEO issue found on your site; you'll find easy-to-follow instructions. There's also a wealth of information in current SEO and SEM news articles for your review. 

Keyword Suggestion Tool Integration

You'll be able to easily assign previously analyzed keywords for each landing page that you optimize since the Site Auditor grabs keywords directly from the Keyword Tool. We've automated redundant tasks so you can be more efficient.

Landing Page Optimization Reports

You can optimize each landing page for the selected keywords and phrases, including keywords in URL, TITLE, body, ALTs, and more. Focus on the right keywords, including synonymic phrases and long-tail keywords, which are important in the Google Hummingbird update and your results will rocket!

DIY SEO Checklist

Use a step-by-step SEO Roadmap (available in the top right of the SkyBox SEM Platform interface) to analyze your niche, pick the best-performing keywords, optimize your site, promote it on the web and analyze your performance.

Page Speed Report

Check if your pages load quickly enough, because customers don't like to wait. The Page Speed report detects issues that make your page load time longer. You will also get practical advice on how to fix the issues and improve page load time.

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